Jackson is a veteran dancer and instructor of over 15 years, known for his incredible knowledge of various dance styles and nurturing nature. Together with June, they established JJSalsaRengue in 2001 and has been teaching a variety of dances since then.

He continually exposes himself to various styles, travelling extensively and training under top instructors in Los Angeles, Miami, London, Cuba, Puerto Rico, New York and the Dominican Republic.

Jackson is one of the pioneers who helped to build the Salsa scene in Singapore, co-organizing the annual Singapore International Salsa Festival (SISF), working closely with international Salsa festival producer, Albert Torres.

Current Classes by Jackson

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Jackson at JJSalsaRengue

Jackson has taught 81 classes since 2016.
Classes taught include:

  • [Workshop] - Spins in Partnerwork (Cool Patterns for Lead & Follow)
  • 2-week Bachata Workshop (Open Level)
  • Bachata Beginner
  • Bachata Intermediate 1
  • Bachata Intermediate 2
  • Bachata Shines & Patterns (Open Level)
  • Dominican Bachata (Open Level)
  • Intro to Dominican Bachata
  • Salsa Beginner
  • Salsa Casino Rueda 1
  • Salsa Int/Adv
  • Salsa Intermediate 1A
  • Salsa Intermediate 1B
  • Salsa Intermediate 2
  • Salsa Intermediate 3A
  • Salsa Intermediate 3B
  • Salsa Intermediate 3C
  • Student Performance Team - Partnerwork
  • Student Performance Team - Salsa Partnerwork

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