Gaik Leng

Gaik-Leng is JJ’s spin queen; Light, fast and beautiful to watch. A veteran in the salsa scene, she hopes to share her years of experience to help her students dance with confidence and grace on the dance floor.

Together with Dennis, they are the directors of the Danza Emergo Team and principal dancers/choreographers of the JJ Main Performance Team. They have been performing with the Main Team since 2006 at international, regional and local congresses such as the Singapore International Salsa Festival and Jeju Salsa Festival.

Current Classes by Gaik Leng

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Gaik Leng at JJSalsaRengue

Gaik Leng has taught 56 classes since 2016.
Classes taught include:

  • [2 Trial Classes] - Salsa & Bachata Beginner
  • [2-wks Workshop] - Getting that push-pull! (Salsa Partnerwork)
  • [Open Class] Salsa Shines (Footwork)
  • [Open Class] Spin Techniques (Solo Turns)
  • [Trial Class] Bachata Beginner
  • [Trial Class] Salsa Beginner
  • [Workshop] Intro to Street Cha-cha
  • Back to Basics (Salsa On-2)
  • Back to Basics 2 (Salsa On-2)
  • Basics of Street Cha-cha
  • Body Movement (Basics and Application)
  • Intro to Street Cha-cha
  • Salsa Advance 1
  • Salsa Advance 2
  • Salsa Advance 3
  • Salsa Advance 4
  • Salsa Advance 5
  • Salsa Advance 6
  • Salsa Advance Workshop (Shines & Turn Patterns)
  • Salsa Beginner
  • Salsa Beginner Improver
  • Salsa Int/Adv
  • Salsa Intermediate 1A
  • Salsa Intermediate 1B
  • Salsa Intermediate 2
  • Salsa Intermediate 3A
  • Salsa Intermediate 3B
  • Salsa Intermediate 3C
  • Salsa Intermediate Improver
  • Spin(ful) Turn Patterns: Lead, Follow and Spin Techniques
  • Street Cha-Cha 2
  • Street Cha-Cha Beginner
  • Student Performance Team - Bachata-Salsa Ladies Styling
  • The Ultimate Salsa Social Dance Series – August 2017
  • The Ultimate Salsa Social Dance Series – July 2017
  • The Ultimate Salsa Social Dance Series – June 2017
  • The Ultimate Salsa Social Dance Series – Sept 2017

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