Ee Lian

Ee Lian started her artistic adventure at the tender age of 5 years old, and has grew to become both a performer and music educator in the Singapore’s arts scene.

With ABRSM Grade 8 certification in the areas of Piano, Percussion and Ballet, she also has accumulated extensive performing and teaching experiences over the past 10 years.

Starting out as a percussionist in a Percussion Band, Ee Lian has since been involved in numerous big scale local events such as Chingay and the National Day Parade as a percussionist and performer. With the band, she was also given the chance to perform widely, both in Singapore and on a global stage. Traveling to numerous countries such as the United States of America, Korea, Japan, Ireland and Spain for international percussion and drum festivals, Ee Lian represented Singapore not only as a performer, but also an ambassador. As an educator, she has been to schools such as Admiralty Primary as performance percussion instructor and Ping Yi Secondary as a drum circle facilitator.

Aside from her music experience, Ee Lian has also been an avid salsa dancer for 5 years. She joined the JJSalsaRengue Performance Team in 2004, and has been performing across the world since then.

In 2017, Ronnie and Ee Lian emerged as the first runner-up in the Salsa Professional category at the Asia Open Championship, held at the Indian International Dance Congress (IIDC). Ronnie and herself currently manage JJSalsaRengue and are also the principal dancers/choreographers of the JJ Main Performance Team.

Current Classes by Ee Lian

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Ee Lian at JJSalsaRengue

Ee Lian has taught 138 classes since 2016.
Classes taught include:

  • [2 Trial Classes] - Salsa & Bachata Beginner
  • [2-wks Workshop] - Quirky Turn Patterns
  • [Open Class] Intro to Bachata Shines
  • [Open Class] Salsa Partnerwork (Turn Combis)
  • [Trial Class] Bachata Beginner
  • [Trial Class] Salsa Beginner
  • [Workshop] Basics of Ladies Styling
  • Bachata Beginner
  • Bachata Int/Adv
  • Bachata Intermediate 1
  • Bachata Intermediate 2
  • Bachata Ladies Styling (Open Level; Technique & Shines)
  • Bachata Ladies Styling and Shines
  • Bachata Practica
  • Bachata Sensual
  • Bachata Sensual 2
  • Bachata Styling in Partnerwork
  • Bachata Styling in Partnerwork (Ladies & Gentlemen)
  • Basics of Ladies Salsa Styling
  • Basics of Sensual Bachata
  • Body Movement and Shines (for ladies & gentlemen)
  • Dips and Tricks (Body Conditioning and Cool Stuff)
  • Kizomba (Open Level)
  • Kizomba Beginner
  • Kizomba Beginner Trial
  • Kizomba Intermediate 1
  • Ladies Salsa Styling (All about the Body Movement!)
  • Ladies Shines (Footwork & Body Movement)
  • Ladies Shines (Hips Series)
  • Salsa Beginner
  • Salsa Int/Adv
  • Salsa Intermediate 1A
  • Salsa Intermediate 1B
  • Salsa Intermediate 2
  • Salsa Intermediate 3A
  • Salsa Intermediate 3B
  • Salsa Intermediate 3C
  • Salsa Intermediate Improver
  • Salsa Practica
  • Salsa Turn-Patterns
  • Spin Techniques (Solo & Partnerwork)
  • Student Partnerwork Performance Team (Nov 2017 - Mar 2018)
  • Student Performance Team - Bachata-Salsa Ladies Styling
  • Student Performance Team - Salsa Partnerwork

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