Sensual Bachata Workshops with Guest Instructors – Seo Inho & Michelle Woo

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JJSalsaRengue is proud to feature guest Sensual Bachata instructors – Seo Inho from Korea and Singapore’s very own Michelle Woo in a series of Sensual Bachata workshops.

Seo Inho is one of Korea’s most prolific Bachata dancer and instructor. He teams up with the beautiful Michelle Woo, known for her elegant, sexy style on the Bachata dancefloor.

Inho and Michelle will be conducting a series of Sensual Bachata workshops at JJSalsaRengue on 12 Jan (Fri) and 17 Jan (Wed) covering:

  • Sensual Bachata Lead/Follow techniques and flow
  • Sensual Bachata patterns with styling


All workshops will be held at JJSalsaRengue studio – 1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel, #02-08, Singapore 078867

Workshop Details

 1) 12 Jan (Friday)

  • 7.30pm to 8.30pm – Sensual Bachata: Connection
  • 8.30pm to 9.30pm – Sensual Bachata: Achieving the Flow

It’s all about the connection! For the first hour, Inho and Michelle will break down essential leading and following techniques in Sensual Bachata.  You will better understand different types of connection points and the kinds of moves/outcome that can be derived from these points. They will also share how to move the body weight of the follower based on these connection types.

The second hour will have Inho and Michelle expand on connection types and activation of sensual movements along with footwork. They will also focus on transition between moves to achieve a better dance flow.

2) 17 Jan (Wed)

  • 7.30pm to 8.30pm – Sensual Bachata: Partnerwork (Intermediate)
  • 8.30pm to 9.30pm – Sensual Bachata: Styling in Partnerwork (Intermediate)

We will have Inho and Michelle teach Sensual Bachata patterns with styling. While the patterns and styling may look show-worthy, you will be sure they are all very usable on the social dancefloor.


1 Workshop $30
2 Workshops $50
3 Workshops $75
All 4 Workshops $90

About your Instructors

Seo Inho

A smooth, stylish dancer, Seo Inho has been teaching Salsa & Bachata since 2008. To date, he is one of Korea’s most prolific street latin dance instructor. He also competes frequently, and has garnered championship wins for both Salsa and Bachata in Korea and around the region.

On the dancefloor, he dances and leads with smooth clarity and spot-on musicality. He takes this passion into the classroom, and has helped many students achieve better social dance experiences.

Michelle Woo

When she takes to the dancefloor, Michelle captures attention with her passionate, sexy style. A versatile dancer, Michelle translates her talents in various danceforms into a beautiful groove on the Bachata dancefloor.

Her first-place win in the latest Asia Bachata Jack and Jill competition bears testimony to her immense talent. Students can expect to be inspired in her classes!