Level-up your Bachata with Max & Christina

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JJSalsaRengue is proud to feature guest Bachata instructors, Max Ahmad and Christina Pan for a series of Bachata workshops this December.

Have moves that don’t work or you just can’t follow? Or hear songs you don’t quite know how to dance to? We feel you! Let Max and Christina to help you with some of these perennial Bachata social dance concerns!

Co-directors of Alma Singapore, Max Ahmad and Christina are no strangers to the local Bachata scene. They are some of Singapore’s most prolific Bachata dancers and performers, known to sizzle the dancefloor with their smooth, stylish Bachata social dances.

This December, we invite them to break it down and keep it real! Max and Christina will be conducting Bachata workshops at JJSalsaRengue on Fridays, 8 and 15 Dec covering:

  • Modern Bachata lead and follow techniques
  • Bachata Fusion musicality and styling


All workshops will be held at JJSalsaRengue studio – 1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel, #02-08, Singapore 078867

Workshop Details

1) 8 Dec (Friday)

  • 7.30pm to 8.30pm – Modern Bachata: Lead and Follow broken down
  • 8.30pm to 9.30pm – Modern Bachata: Lead and Follow applied

This first week, Max and Christina breaks down the art of leading and following some of the latest modern Bachata moves.

The first workshop will be conducted at the intermediate level, with detailed break-down of modern/ sensual bachata partnerwork moves. The second workshop will see Max and Christina teaching a more advance combination, making use of some of the techniques covered in the first hour.

2) 15 Dec (Friday)

  • 7.30pm to 8.30pm – Bachata Fusion: Musicality & Styling in Partnerwork (Intermediate)
  • 8.30pm to 9.30pm – Bachata Fusion: Musicality & Styling in Partnerwork (Advance)

Our second week of workshops will have Max and Christina helping you style it up and touch on how you can dance more musically!

The first workshop will be conducted at the intermediate level, covering topics on how and when to style in partnerwork. The second workshop will include more advance combinations and body movement to spice things up!


1 Workshop $30
2 Workshops $50
3 Workshops $75
All 4 Workshops $90